Harva Sylvani

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Harva Sylvani
Position: Executive Officer, USS Isoroku
Species: Canimuri
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Rangoya
Date of Birth: April 14th, 2306
Father - Evan Sylvani, deceased
Mother - Kindra Sylvani, living on Rangoya
Siblings - Moya Sylvani, living on Rangoya
Federation Standard, Canimuri

Like all Canimuri, Harva Sylvani resembles a werewolf from earth forlklore and many a nightmare. And like all Canimuri, he is quite large, and exceptionally strong. This particular Canimuri stands 8'2" tall and weighs 580 lbs. His fur is a deep, midnight-black and he has a bushy, black tail. His eyes are bright yellow, his muzzle pronounced, and lined with large and razorsharp fangs - his canines matching the size of small daggers. His build is exceptionally powerful, with broad shoulders, thick and powerful arms and strong legs. He has fairly long, black hair, which he normally wears either loose, or tied back in a ponytail.

Harva is surprisingly easygoing and jovial, once people get over the shock of his sheer size and ferocious look and take a chance to see beyond his appearance. He is always ready with a friendly grin, always a joke to crack and always cheerful - almost to the point of annoyance. But even with his generally cheerful and jovial demeanor, he understands when to tone it down. Deep down, he takes serving in Starfleet and protecting his crew very seriously, he just doesn't like actively showing it. He has a very strong sense of family, and - having left Rangoya at a relatively young age, considers the crew of the Isoroku his new family. Just do not - ever - insult his family, or you might find out firsthand what happens when he becomes angry.

The Canimuri are a race of anthropomorphic wolven people from the world of Rangoya near the Federation border. They have achieved warp technology and are currently in the negotiation phase of their entry into the Federation. But despite being a technologically advanced race, they still treasure the arts of old. Artists like painters and musicians are held in high regard, and artisans like metalsmiths are celebrities all over their home world.

One such artisan was Evan Sylvani, a Master weaponsmoth who'se creations were famed the world over. Traditional weapons like swords and axes of various designs, and even suits of platemail with the Sylvani name on them were prized for their extreme quality of the steel used as well as the skill with which they were forged. When a son, Harva, was born into the Sylvani family, Evan was determined to teach him the art of forging weapons and armor.

Harva spent much of his youth learning the trade from his father, and becoming quite an accomplished weaponsmith himself, even though his works never quite reached the quality of his fathers'. Then when Harva came of age, something happened that turned his life upside-down. The Canimuri achieved warp speed and encountered their first Starfleet vessel. Now knowing that there were other races in the galaxy, something previously only thought of in science fiction stories, young Harva made a tough choice, and instead of honing his skills as a weaponsmith, he decided to leave his home world, and to apply to become a Federation citizen, eventually to join Starfleet.

He passed all the aptitude and itnelligence tests, and eventually enrolled into the academy, where he excelled in all the physical courses, as one might imagine. This time in the academy was marked by attempts to adjust to a different lifestyle, different values and different views on life. This led to several situations where the young (comparatively) Canimuri found himself on the verge of packing up and returning home. It was the discovery of beer, though - a drink that didn't exist on Rangoya - that eventually helped him decide to stay.

He found his niche when he took a course in tactics and security and decided to pursue a career as tactical / security officer, majoring in both curriculums. His grades were remarkable, and - though not quite at the top of his class - there could be no doubt that Harva would graduate with flying colors, despite an incident where he accidentally snapped the arm of a Nausicaan, after the latter had challenged Harva to an innocent armwrestling match. Then finals arrived, and he worked with enthousiasm and zeal, to be able to achieve passing grades. Something he succeeded in, without much problems.

However, the news of his father's death cast a shadow over what was suosed to be a happy occasion, his graduation ceremony. With a heavy heart, Harva decided to forego attending his own graduation ceremony, and boarded the first transport back home, to Rangoya. There he spent several years, taking care of his family, and comleting his training as Master Smith.

Eventually - when his younger sister had come of age, he left his home world again, to continue his chosen career in Starfleet. He was assigned to his first ship, as Ensign in the security / tactical department, where he excelled in his duties. His ascension through the ranks was somewhat slow, but steady, eventually making assistant chief tac/sec as the Dominion war broke out in full.

It wasn't until a battle where his ship was boarded by Jem'Hadar, that this Canimuri's impressive physique really made itself count. After an EMP weapon disabled shipboard systems, and phasers and disruptors alike, Harva singlehandedly defended the bridge against an onslaught of Dominion soldiers, making short work of them, using his raw strength.

These exploits, and the death of the chief tac/sec saw him field-promoted to chief. Eventually he gained a field-commission of second officer on the ship he was serving on, when the ship's official second-officer died in an attack, during the last staged of the Dominion War.

He served with distinction during his entire tenure as second officer after the war. Eventually promoted to Lt Cmdr, he saw an opening on the newly commissioned USS Isoroku, which needed an Executive Officer. He applied immediately for the job, and the rest - as they say - was history.