Zhera Dynames

Rank: Lieutenant
Zhera Dynames
Position: Chief of Security/Tactical Officer, USS Isoroku
Species: Hermat/Trill
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Place of Birth: USS Perseus
Date of Birth: August 25th, 2384 (Physical age: 24)
'Father' - Kaz’galine Sythaca
Mother - Tizra Vex, Deceased
Siblings - Niuza Sythaca, (22)
Federation Standard, Hermat

A woman of deceiving looks. Although the supple figure and glowing looks of happy and bubbly individual is evident to all, the hard refinement of muscle and male sexual organs is not so much. Hish face benefits from pronounced features of the lips, cheeks, eyebrow, and eyes that s/he is capable of a wide array of expression in an equally wide spectrum of emphasis.

Hish body is well toned to meet the demand of security detail, while making the effort to maintain hish curves and otherwise lithe framework seem effortlessly. No more is this demonstrated than between the posture of on to off duty. While on, s/he is particularly stiff and strong, moving like an elegant but impassable statue, and yet swaying and dancing with the grace and energy that rival most unfocused/wild teenagers of many races.

If needed, the given speciality qualities of a Hermat can come through in a pinch. Although not typically designed to be carried by someone with such feminine traits, Zhera is capable of using a sharp set of canines in combat as well as being able to move rapidly on all fours and use amazing agility to reach otherwise hard places.


In extremist of sorts, Zhera’s goes between stone-faced seriousness, set purely in business and achieving the goal at hand, and a refined energy centering around hish sexual nature, of which s/he rarely remains in any kind of moderate attitude in between those two ends. That is to say that it is not possible, but it is of rare occurance and tends never to last for any length of time. Typically, s/he favours harnessing hish energies over being the tough determined officer of the fleet, but ends up not having the ability to do so, given the demand of hish chosen field.

S/he is a learned tactician, having studied and been tutored under hish marther for a long time, but is no where near a master at the art just yet. Hish skills with a weapon and of hish own martial training is commendable, if not particular. On the other end, s/he is also a fine user in the realm of socializing and flirtation with those of the crew whom s/he finds attractive. Although, s/he is not a master at such off duty arts, and has been played hirself by others of greater skill…yet, even then, s/he finds the thrill of a verbal battle of insinuation and sexual gambling to be invigorating.

Unlike other officers of the latest age of Starfleet, Zhera values hish duty more than the need to maintain a sense of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. S/he is ruthless is doing so, much to the annoyance and chagrin of hish coworkers and superiors.

Having been raised in a loving home, Zhera has had the need to find fulfillment and a permanent mate to be a growing aspect of hish life. This is usually forced beneath the surface of hish focus constantly due to hish loyalty to the fleet.


(Note that due to the Temporal Prime Directive this entire Service record is Classified In-Character)

Zhera was born originally Zhera Sythaca, a miracle child for the family of Kaz’galine Sythaca and Tizra Vex. S/he was technically their third child, but after the first two had died during the Dominion War while staying with their grandfather, s/he was practically their first. And because of the hish parents loss with the other children, s/he grew up initially under close supervision, being constantly under watch by one of hish parents. It wasn’t until s/he was two years old, when a baby sibling was born, that the tension and paranoia of hish parents started to gradually subside.

By then, hish maturity was already that of a pre-schooler and s/he started to attend classes with a bunch of other children on the starbase that was the port of call for hish parent’s ship. Because of the still sheltering attitude from hish parents, s/he didn’t get much a chance to explore hish surroundings and to develop a better sense of understand of the world around hir, so instead s/he took to diving into hish studies in class, learning a great deal more at a faster rate than the rest of the children sharing a class with hir. This cause hish parents to take a particular pride in hir.

Since s/he matured far faster than most other races, s/he found it incredibly difficult to make friends and companions. The only people around hir that s/he could attach to in any kind of friendship was with hish parents, more so the parent that most associated with hish own gender, Kaz’galine. Hish mother ended up taking on the disciplinary figure of the family while Kazzy was more of an intimate friend that Zhera could really talk to about hish life and maturity as s/he continued to rapidly grow into adolescence.

A number of extreme changes occurred around this time in hish life. Most prominently, was the death of hish mother during plot to get to Kazzy for hish actions during the Dominion War. Kazzy was never the same again, as s/he ended up pulling hish emotions inside and became a shell of person. Eventually, s/he would come out again and use the children as a way to maintain purpose in hish life, but by then Zhera was already getting into trouble. Hish hermit heritage had thrown Zhera into a chaotically sexual state when s/he was nine, lending hir to constantly hang out with a questionable group of people that tended to experiment excessively with sex. With Kazzy distracted with hish own loss, it was easy for hir to hide the birth control medication that kept hir from getting pregnant.

After two years of these antics, hish body finally settled and the chaotic unrest of sexual desire seemed to calm to more a manageable state that allowed for hir to maintain a more normal life. The fact that hish young sibling was entering the same kind of phase hirself also allowed Zhera to look into back and see the error of hish ways. S/he then turned back and focused heavily into hish studies. There was no doubt at this point that s/he would apply for Starfleet as soon as s/he was able. S/he did so at the age of fifteen, hish body having reached a level of maturity that equated itself to that of a young adult human. The initial choice of branch of which s/he was to study under was not an easy choice. Hish mother had taken security and jumped into command in her career, while Kazzy had gone through flight control which blended eventually into command. Zhera ultimately choose security, hoping to eventually obtain the experience for command quicker that way, although s/he realized the gamble s/he was undertaking.

A couple of instructors in the academy had taken a liking to the ambitious student, and s/he ultimately made high scores in most of hish classes. S/he deferred from taking any assignments on a starship as a cadet initially, but when the infamous Red Squad offered hir a chance to train with them, s/he accepted. The time spent with them proved to be invaluable. Having been able to work around real field gear under real missions was invigorating, despite having never gone into missions of any grand importance to the fleet. Their ship was usually sent of convoy escort runs, and security assignments on member worlds in need. But still, s/he accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience without ever gaining official commission. S/he graduated with shining marks and along with obtaining rank as an ensign, also was offered a few positions in some the fleet’s finest vessels.

With Kazzy having taken on one of the fleet’s new battleships, the USS Bismarck, Zhera decided to take up assignment there as a security officer. The duty was not nearly as thrilling as it had been with Red Squad initially, but soon sparked into much more than s/he thought s/he could handle. The Bismarck was on the frontlines of a war between the Federation and Klingons, and Zhera was constantly confronted with the brute warriors on the frequent basis. Eventually, hish skills and ability was recognized by hish superiors and s/he was given charge of the gamma shift as one of four assistant chiefs of security.

When s/he satisfied hish first year in duty to Starfleet, s/he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior-Grade and transferred assignment onto the USS Kraken, as the assistant chief of security on the alpha shift. Similarly to the Bismarck, the Kraken found itself constantly amidst battle with the Klingons as they escorted supply convoys to the frontlines.

After the war was ended, and the two sides signed unto a new treaty, Zhera was looking to take advantage of the man power gap in Starfleet by transferring to a ship in need of a chief of security. It was on hish way to the Gamma Quadrant through the Bajoran Wormhole, for an assignment on a ship stationed in the Gamma Quadrant, that the shuttle lost control when the wormhole fluctuated and fell through, twenty-three years into the past, roughly a year before hish birth.

A passing science vessel ended up coming to the damaged shuttle’s rescue and shortly thereafter Zhera found hirself in the center of the temporal attachment of intelligence department. The Temporal Prime Directive was a constant blockade for both of them, Zhera unable to give them any information about the future and hirself, while also preventing them from allowed hir to find a way back to hish own time.

While the department sorted out placement for the officer, Zhera was taken in by Admiral Singh and made to join a group of officers going about a special assignment into Romulan space after Starfleet got intel that the technologies behind the Scimitar might have fallen into unruly hands, and if true, needed to be neutralized. It took a year of covert operations before they managed any information. A rogue faction had indeed obtain the technologies behind the Scimitar and were using them to build a new class of ship, smaller in design but easier to produce in terms of time and resources. When the team attempted an assault on the faction’s facility, the prototype ship was already gone and team was only able to have destroyed the facility.

When they were recalled from the assignment shortly after, the group was disbanded. To help in assignment and a new life in the current time, Zhera’s last name was change to Dynames, and s/he was given assignment on the USS Isoroku, Admiral Singh’s first Akira-class vessel under her command.