Jeff Conner

Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Jeff Conner
Position: Chief Science Officer, USS Isoroku
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland
Date of Birth: 8th of October 2342
Father - Simon Conner
Mother - Marcy Conner-Mason
Siblings - Andrew Conner
Federation Standard, Elementary French and German
Jeff is a pretty standard bloke with an average height and average weight. He is pretty strong, although if you were to look at him, you wouldn't immediatly say so. Having a friendly, but sometimes serious face, they say he is the perfect teacher. His light blue eyes and his more then frequent smile give him a trustworthy appearance.
Jeff is a man you would trust after just meeting him. He likes to make everyone he meets feel at ease. Immediately cracking a joke or two to set the mood and determine how someone’s personality is. He is known to mumble a bit at times he doesn’t know the answer at first hand. But when a situation needs focus, Jeff is as serious as humanly possible. He doesn’t like talking about his work after hours, as he just wants to relax and meet people. Also the fact that he never married surprises a lot of people, since he left his longtime girlfriend for a career in outer space.

Jeff was born in Dublin, Ireland two years after the family had moved there. They had been a family who had travelled all over the world, following the many career changes of his father. After briefly living in Yemen, the family moved to Los Angeles for a long time. This is where Jeff followed school and developed his great interest for science.

The interest in science can be attributed to his parents, since his mother had been a biologist for many years, and his father a great physicist. As a young kid he was fascinated with jellyfish that had been washed up at the beach, close to his home. Finding them, taking them home, and asking his mother the name of the species and just about everything that was known about the animal. Also taking home jellyfish without tentacles, because it was something he had never seen before. Most of these findings he did with his one year younger brother Andrew, who had been bitten by the science bug, at the same young age as Jeff.

Following as many science courses he could at High School, he majored in Chemistry at which he excelled. On the other hand, the non-science subjects were a bit below average, but still good enough to graduate. After High School, he worked like a mad men to get into a university for a degree in Chemistry.

During the time at university he made a great number of friends, some were determined in what they were going to do in their later career, something Jeff was still quite uncertain about. People always made remarks about Jeff how good he would look in the front of the class, since he was great at explaining things to their classmates, and how unnerved he always was about tests.

Not a few years later he was intern at a high school close to where he lived, even substituting for science teachers when they were running late, or were sick.

His style of teaching was very popular with the students, because he would incorporate lots of humor into his lessons; which really helped the students with learning for tests, and remembering the answers. Thanks to the connections of the school with Starfleet, he was invited to take his class to other planets for ‘field trips.’ Opportunities like these weren’t passed on, instead he jumped to the occasion.

The fieldtrips helped Jeff set a goal for himself, to go out into space as much as he could. He kept in touch with old classmates, some of them became professors like Jeff was, and some of them went through Starfleet Academy for a career in outer space. Something Jeff would’ve loved to do, but he considered himself as ‘too old’ to go through Starfleet Academy. He also thought he couldn’t leave his students behind. But after talking to James, a very good friend, he was convinced to take a different direction, since James stated “You’re never to old to go through Starfleet Academy” and “You’re not the only good professor alive!”

So, at the age of 34, Jeff embarked on a new journey in his life and started at Starfleet Academy, learning for Starfleet Science Officer. Being one of the oldest of the class, he didn’t really mind, as he learned new things, about strange new worlds and new life forms. Being the eternal professor he helped a few of his classmates with certain subjects. The great thing for Jeff was that they treated him as one of them.

At the beginning of the third year at the Academy he met Dahlia Malloy, a 30 year old student, who was learning for intelligence officer at the Academy. The two lived together for nearly a year, before they split up. Both were going for their careers, and love should not be in the way. Jeff his cadet year, was spent on the USS Eclipse, an Excelsior class starship. Having the best time he had in a long time, meeting lots of great people.

Early 2380 he graduated from Starfleet making ensign, as Science Officer, once again on the Eclipse. Being the more experienced member of the science personnel, by knowledge and age, he was the one chosen as Assistant Chief Science Officer, out of three other applicants. Because of the humor he used while he was working he was respected by the entire crew of the USS Eclipse. Who were all saddened when they heard the news that he was going to leave, for he found a new opportunity, the Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Isoroku.