Dyran Aimanen

Rank: Captain
Dyran Aimanen
Position: Commanding Officer, USS Isoroku
Species: Betazoid
Place of Birth: Betazed
Date of Birth: March 18th, 2345
Father - Selun Aimanen (Deceased)
Mother - Tyri Aimanen (Deceased)
Siblings - Peali Aimanen (Chief Science Officer, USS Galileo)
Federation Standard, Betazed

Dyran his black Betazoid orbs are capable of a whole range of emotions. From icy cold to piercing your soul, normally however they reflect warmth and openness. He casually shaves every once in a while, not afraid to let a five o'clock shade come through and last for a few days normally. His baldening head is also kept natural, he doesn't shave it completely bald because he doesn't see the need to accellerate the natural occurance of hair loss.

When off duty he is usually seen in rather high standard clothing, usually a blouse covered by a jacket. Most of the time he doesn't wear a tie though, which still keeps him casual and approachable.

Dyran has an easy going, sometimes even mellow, personality. During normal operations he prefers to request things from his crew rather than order them, this quickly fades when stress and chaos ensues but it creates a more familliar bond with his crew. He takes pride in his work and the way he does it, the inherent Betazed trait that he can read surface thoughts and emotions helps him tremendously in this. This is even more amplified by his chosen field of study, he is after all first and foremost a psychologist. He is there to comfort, to make at ease and to try and tap into potential of his officers that may otherwise be lost.

Dyran was born in 2345 to Selun and Tyri Aimanen, a man and woman of the sciences, a doctor and a scientist on their homeworld of Betazed. They both worked for the UFP from their homes and the attached practice. Two years after Dyran his birth Selun and Tyri gave birth to another child, a girl this time whom they named Peali.

As his parents were both doctors in their respected fields, Dyran got in touch with the sciences from a very early age, immediately peaking his interest in the way things work and trying to find ways to make it work even better. With the two children both Selun and Tyri started working less to make more time to raise their children. At least until they were both old enough to start going to school.

During his primary school time Dyran developed his empathic and telepathic at a faster and stronger rate than most of his species. Times at school could be quite confusing for the young Betazoid. But it also triggered an interest in the workings of the mind. Not only in his own head but also that of other species and why they had been blessed with Telepathy and Empathy while, for example, Ferengi would never attain that step in evolution.

This interest carried on over his time in college, studying biology and psychology not only at school but also in his free time, with the encouragement and help of his parents. After finishing college it was only natural for him to continue his education in a high standards university on his homeworld.

With his scientific background and help from his parents he graduated the education only 4 years later and was set out into the world as a psychologist. But the world of Betazed had very little challenges for him and very few advancements in the field of Psychology were made on his world.

So the only logical thing to pursue, in his own eyes, was a career within Starfleet. Following his sister in her footsteps for once, as she had enrolled into the academy two years prior, he enrolled into the Academy with priority set on Counselling. Because if there was any group of people that were in dire need of a psychologist it were the Starfleet Officers.

The prior knowledge in the field made the Academy mostly a cakewalk for him. Even the courses that normally never held his interest became easier because of the lack of challenge in his chosen field. He graduated cumlaude at the end of his four year run at the Acad. Still the celebrations were dampened by the terrifying news that the Dominion had just declared war on the Federation.

Most Ensigns were pushed quickly onto starship and send to the frontier. The corridors of the ships were filled with the continuous fear of an attack, the morale withered under the constant attacks of Dominion forces. Dyran worked in the counselling department but during the war spend more time in Sickbay helping the wounded than in his office, helping the survivors. It was also during this time that he met Doctor Valerie de Graaff, a human female for whom he developed strong feelings and even entered a romantic relationship with.

It was during the opening weeks of the war that the woman Dyran had strong feelings for was mortally wounded in a Dominion surprise attack. Even though this hit him more than he would ever admit he kept on working at his best.

When the news struck that Betazed was invaded by the Dominion it had struck Dyran hard. He could not contact his parents, whom were still living and working on their world. For the remainder of the Dominion war Dyran didn't know whether or not his parents were still alive. A feeling that left him and his sister in a realm of doubt and almost despair. It made them realise that, in these times and their lines of work they should take all the possibilities they could. They talked daily over subspace, growing closer than they ever did in their childhood.

After the Dominion signed the unconditional surrender in the Treaty of Bajor and they could finally return to their homeworld the crushing news was that their parents hadn't survived the initial attack on Betazed. Leaving him and his sister orphans and feeling lost for the first times in their lives at the age of 35.

Dyran decided that he needed to make a bigger impact on the universe, he felt that he needed to live his life to the fullest in order to honour his parents and Valerie. As such he enrolled himself into the Command Academy in 2376, so he could become a CO on a ship of his own. The losses in the Dominion war opened up this career move more than anything else. After two years of training he was deemed ready for command and was assigned as Executive Officer to the newly commissioned Galaxy class USS Gemini.

For five years he served there with distinction and honour, developing himself as a likeable and mellow Executive officer whom preferred to request rather than ordering his officers. During this time he also entered an on again off again relationship with a Starfleet officer on the USS Pegasus, whom he had met during shoreleave. Her name was Marian Hadarin and she was assigned as an Executive officer on the USS Eclipse. The last update in that relationship is that they needed some more time for themselves and should explore their own ways, but who knows.

During these five years Dyran proved himself to be worthy of the red uniform and Command of a spaceship. His Commanding Officer put in a word for him with Starfleet Command, as he felt Dyran was ready for a full command of his own. Starfleet followed the CO's advice and offered Dyran command of the USS Isoroku in 2384.